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SEFRAS has two services aimed at welcoming and social inclusion of immigrants in São Paulo. The Welcoming Reception Center – Casa de Assis, which welcomes 110 refugees and asylum seekers and provides food, accommodation and psychological, social and legal assistance. Through a humanized reception, the service offers access to the guarantee of basic rights and accompaniment for the process of leaving the homeless situation, study of Portuguese, basic school education and insertion in the labor market, always seeking the path of the participants’ autonomy.

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The Reference and Assistance Center for Immigrants – CRAI Oriana Jara, on the other hand, provides local and itinerant assistance, promoting the rights of immigrants in Brazil through a human rights perspective for the social, productive, political and cultural integration of those assisted. In this sense, the service offers general guidance and specialized legal assistance to 850 people monthly. An issue that stands out in CRAI’s work is the elaboration – together with communities, civil society in general and the public power – of public policies to protect migrants.

CRAI is recognized nationally and internationally by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Through them, it is possible to mobilize a structure of public actions and state articulation in order to welcome migratory flows arising from humanitarian crises.


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SEFRAS Casa de Assis

Immigrant Reception Center - Rua Japurá, 234 – Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP - CEP 01319-030.
Tel: (11) 3598-7205

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 CRAI Oriana Jara

Rua Major Diogo, 834 – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP - CEP 01324-000.
Tel: (11) 2361-5069 or (11) 2361-3780


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