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SEFRAS has four services aimed at the homeless population in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, located in the capital cities downtown.

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Sao Paulo

Serving approximately 700 people (between 18 and 70 years of age), the Community Center for Adult Homeless, known as Chá do Padre, offers social and legal support, socio-educational, political, cultural activities and incentives for participation in building public policies and discussion forums for this segment. The Franciscan Recycling Support Service – Recifran provides training and productive inclusion actions to more than 60 people, for insertion in the labor market and building their autonomy.

During the pandemic period, SEFRAS also expanded its work, opening Casa Franciscana, in Cambuci region. As a response to the emergency, it has distributed food, 600 meals a day, and carried out social assistance actions for homeless people, due to the increase of its number in the region.

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In addition to our homes, in 2021 the service performed by the Franciscans became itinerant as the Center for the Promotion and Defense of the Rights of the Homeless Population (CPD PopRua). An innovative service for its itinerant trait, which reaches people in different regions of the city, focusing on the right to integral and humanized care, forwarding complaints of human rights violations and overcoming the various faces of vulnerability.

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In June 2020, SEFRAS also answered a call from the homeless population in downtown Rio de Janeiro, where, at Santo Antônio Convent, in Largo da Carioca, it has promoted the Franciscan Tent. On site, it has been distributing meals to more than 500 people every day, in addition to prevention and care actions for all of them.


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SEFRAS Chá do Padre

Rua Riachuelo, 268 – Centro – São Paulo – SP - CEP 01005-010.
Tel: (11) 3105-1623

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Franciscan House

Rua Otto de Alencar, 270 - Liberdade - São Paulo - SP - CEP 01517-000

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Serviço Franciscano de Apoio a Reciclagem (Recifran)

Rua Junqueira Freire, 176 – Liberdade – São Paulo – SP - CEP 01507-020.
Tel: (11) 3209-4112

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Franciscan House - Rio de Janeiro

R. Visc. da Gávea, 125 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20221-400


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