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We believe that solidarity is love in motion, and that where there is human suffering, we must approach it. Help us to welcome, care for and defend those who need us.

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What is FIO?

FIO is the acronym for Mandatory Institutional Trainingfor volunteers. It is the first and most important course offered by our institution for those who wish to work with us in our mission to alleviate human suffering in the fight against hunger and in the fight for the rights of all. In this training you will learn about:


  • The story of the Franciscans and how it connects to our struggle;

  • Physical and social hunger;

  • What is volunteer work;

  • Presentation of institutional services;

  • Signing the volunteer agreement and much more.

Who can be a SEFRAS volunteer?

Anyoneover 18 years old may be voluntary.

What activities can I carry out as a volunteer?

  • Assistance in preparing food for homeless people;

  • Serve and distribute food;

  • Reception and registration of families in need;

  • Playful activities with children and teenagers;

  • Development workshops with elderly people;

  • and other activities.

How many times a week can I volunteer?

In order to fulfill the Volunteer law(law 9,608),  every volunteer must sign a unpaid work science term and not being able to work on equal working hours as hired workers.


Each volunteer has up to10am weekly to work, distributing these hours across our weekly activities.


Being a volunteer is donating your time, work and talent, spontaneously and unpaid, to causes of social and community interest, contributing to the improvement of people's lives. SEFRAS maintains several services and it needs trained and active volunteers from different areas. You can contribute to SEFRAS with your skills or simply your willingness to help.

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Meals: Non-perishable foods and basic food baskets
for our kitchens and families served.

Resources: You can make your donation by transfer, PIX, credit card or bank slip.

Products: Personal hygiene and cleaning items and packaging for lunchboxes.



Meals:Non-perishable food and basic food baskets for our kitchens and families served.

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Recursos: Você pode fazer sua doação por transferência, PIX, cartão de crédito ou boleto.

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Products:Personal hygiene and cleaning items and packaging for lunch boxes.

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