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The Network for the Promotion of Decent Work is an initiative funded by Laudes Foundation, the result of a collective effort that began in 2018, which brings together civil society organizations dedicated to combating slave labor and promoting the rights of migrants. Together, based on coordinated work, their actions to prevent slave labor are enhanced and strengthened in São Paulo.


In addition to the executing organizations, the network has the support of public power organizations and several partner entities that work in the fight against slave labor.



Between 2020 and 2021, the Network for the Promotion of Decent Work carried out actions that contributed to the promotion of decent work and free care for rescued workers:

  • Meeting with migrant workers and community leaders through visits to sewing workshops, conversation circles, lectures and assistance (social service, legal advice and migration regularization). 

  • Training of Social Assistance educators and professionals in the public sector of São Paulo.

  • Emergency care service for victims.

  • Incidence for the adoption of public policies.

The “Common Home” concept, presented by Pope Francis in this integral approach to relationships, mirrors the philosophy lived by Francis of Assisi, who called in a contemplative way “Our Mother Earth”, which generates everything and nourishes beings. This understanding of “Home” assumes that tAll creation is part of this common place, like a large biodiverse family.

Linked to this conception of a Common Home, the Pope also calls on people to promote a new economy. The etymology oikos – “house” and nomia – “way of organizing”, reveal the importance of this concept. Economics, therefore, is in the field of how relationships are constructed and what we expect from them.An egalitarian relationship, which thinks of everyone, including the mode of production that considers nature as a sacred and respected element.

Casa Comum Magazine wants to be a platform for productions, narratives and information that connect agendas, demands, people and, in particular, visions for a more integral and ecological perspective. Because talking about defending rights is spreading the presence and potential of any and all forms of life.


The editorship of Revista Casa Comum is carried out by Sefras - Ação Social Franciscana, and executed by Estúdio Cais - Projetos de Interesse Pública. Meet the professionals leading this project:


Brayan Filipe Farias da Silva

Degree in Philosophy from FAE – Centro Universitário Franciscan from Paraná. Qualified in internal auditing and quality control by SENAC and spec.ialization in Transparency and Complianceance by FEA/USP. He has experience in managing Civil Society Organizations. He is the administrative manager of Sefras where he has worked for 8 yearss.

Fábio José Garcia Paes

He is a human rights activist, pursuing a doctorate in Sociology of Childhood (UMinho), with training also in Philosophy and Theology and expertise in public policies and advocacy. He is currently the manager responsible for Sefras' advocacy and knowledge production strategy.

Friar José Francisco de Cássia dos Santos

A native of Cachoeira de Minas, ordained priest and solemn Franciscan friar, he graduated in philosophy and theology from the Franciscan Theological Institute. He has worked at Sefras for 13 thirteen years, where he currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. He is also a member of the executive board of the Inter-Franciscan Service for Justice, Peace and Ecology - SINFRAJUPE.

Frei Vagner Sassi

He has a degree in Philosophy (USF) and Pedagogy (UTP) and a master's and doctorate in Philosophy (PUC). He has extensive experience in teaching and scientific research, especially in the areas of phenomenology, political philosophy and ethics and works mainly on topics related to contemporary thought, social responsibility and public policies. He worked as a teacher at the Bom Jesus Educational Group, at the Curitiba University Center and at the São Boaventura Faculty of Philosophy. Today, he works at Sefras as Vice President Director.

Frei Marx Rodrigues dos Reis

He has a degree in Philosophy from (FAE) and in Theology (Franciscan Theological Institute). Currently, he coordinates the Solidarity Front for the Impoverished and is the leader of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) service, both in the Province of the Immaculate Conception of Brazil. He is the current Director-Secretary and responsible for the political and ecclesiastical coordination of Sefras.


Rodrigo Zavala

He is a journalist, social communicator and film critic, with more than 20 years of experience in managing national and international social organizations, focusing on the areas of communication, fundraising and planning. Specialized in private social investment and project management, today he is planning manager at Sefras.

Rosangela Helena Pezoti

She has a degree in Social Service (USF) and a master's and doctorate in the same area (PUCSP) and has extensive work in protecting the rights of children and adolescents, working on topics related to Social Assistance Policy, the homeless population and people with disabilities. She is currently a collaborating professor at the Extension Center (NEXT) at Universidade São Francisco and is the manager responsible for supervising the technical and political articulation areas of Sefras.

Suemary Barros

She has a degree in advertising from Estácio with a postgraduate degree in strategic marketing management from HSMU and a specialization in business management and Growth Hacking from Queen Jay. He has more than 20 years of experience in brand development and high-performance marketing strategies, with 9 years working in digital marketing. She works at Sefras as Communications and Marketing manager.

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